Maintenance at Azura Skin Care Center- Justin Rhoades- Cary, NC

Maintenance at Azura Skin Care Center- Justin Rhoades- Cary, NC

**Record Scratch** **Freeze Frame** So, you are probably asking yourself how did I get here? Well keep reading and I'll tell you more. I was invited to enjoy a spa day at Azura Skin Care Center in Cary, North Carolina. Routine maintenance is something I know I could do a better job with, so I'm sure I'm not alone. If I'm honest, this sort of place is somewhat intimidating thinking about it and when you first walk in. However, the ladies at the front desk got me started and after being there for just a few minutes, it felt like very relaxing with nice music and a clean, inviting atmosphere. It wasn't frilly or over the top as some men expect it to be, but really a very modern layout that makes you feel like you are in the care of extraordinary professionals. 

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A quick tour of the spot revealed just how beautiful this place was and Jennie, the on site provider, was so kind and inviting. She was great about answering any questions I had to ensure my comfort level and show off all the services they offered at Azura. The pictures speak for themselves to show off the space, Azura was elegant, but understated, modern, but accessible.  

It was time to see what all the hype was about, at this point I was no longer anxious, just excited to try this out. My aesthetician, Hope was amazing, she calmly explained everything we were doing before we started and answered all my questions during the process. If you've never had a facial, it's a wonderfully soothing massage for your face. This is nothing to be afraid of, it was a such a relaxing time I could have fallen asleep. Hope told me her clients often nod off during the treatment. 

This was an incredibly calming experience, I wasn't far off from sleep. Like most men, I rarely get the opportunity to get pampered in such a way. I made sure to enjoy every minute of this. While I was lieing there, I couldn't help but think, why don't I do this more often? It's relaxing, the results are undeniable, and the it's not something that will break the bank. One of these every few months can go a long way to keeping your face feeling and looking youthful for much longer. Especially when you consider everything that we as men put our faces through and I know I don't do nearly enough myself to counter the effects of all the weather and razors I subject my face to. 

Things got kind of intense, she turned out the lights and thennnnnnn... bye bye blackheads

Lights back on

Beard massage anyone?

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We had such a wonderful time at Azura AND MUH SKIN FELT AMAZING.

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