Personal Styling Spotlight Austin- Dressing Your Body Type- Raleigh NC

Personal Styling Spotlight Austin- Dressing Your Body Type- Raleigh NC

  Kim met Austin through Facebook on a Bob and the Showgram comments section four-ish years ago of all places. He's been a big supporter of the blog and we are big fans of his wife's work. We had never met in person until a week before this shoot, so we had to go out and make sure neither he nor we were crazy over dinner. While we can't say we are not crazy, we had a blast and began chatting about ways to work together. Our goal with Rooted is to focus on all body types, so if you want to compare your measurements to Austin, here you go:

Body Measurements

  • Inseam - 29.5"-29.75"
  • Neck - 19.5"
  • Sleeves - 34"-35"
  • Waist - 38"-40" depending on pants

Austin uses a local tailor to ensure a proper fit.(Glenwood South Tailors

The Components- Nice denim pants, a comfortable t-shirt, brown belt, brown watch, and flip-flops or casual shoes. Personally I love Rainbows(after the torture and scarring of breaking them in of course). 

Austin turned me on to these watches and they are beautiful. Best part, they are made locally by Lux Woods Wood Watches and they are very affordable(starting at $73.99). Lux Woods has an array of products, not just watches. Personally, I was drawn to their wooden rings, as my wedding ring is made of Oak. If I had heard of Lux before, I'd definitely be wearing one of theirs and will be looking at Lux's collection in the future.

The Components- Nice denim pants, button up dress shirt, blue blazer (RIP Owen), cufflinks, brown belt, brown flip-flops or dress shoes can really change this look up. 

The First Way: Wear this with flip-flops and the shirt untucked for a more casual look. You can even take the blazer off to dress it down a bit more if need be or to stay cool on a hot Carolina night.

The Second Way: Wear this with the shirt tucked in and dress shoes for a classic and easy southern date night. 

These unique bottle cap cufflinks are a great way to put your personal touch on this outfit. Anything fun that makes you feel more confident and doesn't take away from the outfit as a whole is great.

Components- Grey suit pants and jacket, grey and white striped button up, a dark colored tie, brown slip-ons, brown belt, brown watch.

This look can be versatile with black shoes and accessories for a darker look, think winter time.

 Huge shout out to  Laureltree Designs  for making this beautiful wooden box and for  Give Love and Light  for the awesome gifts that once lived in this box!

Huge shout out to Laureltree Designs for making this beautiful wooden box and for Give Love and Light for the awesome gifts that once lived in this box!

Here another beautiful watch in a lighter shade than before.

The Components- Black suit pants, black vest, black suit coat, white button up, black belt, black watch, black tie, black/silver cufflinks. 

This is about as formal as it gets without being in a tux. Three piece black suit with black accessories, Austin rocked the hell out of this look and I kept calling him the iceman because he looked like such a "bad hombre". This can be worn with or without the vest or just the vest to show off the guns, if you have them. You will feel confident in a black suit that fits you, it's damn near impossible not to. 

Here is a great look at the accessories for this outfit. Belt, cufflinks, tie bar, watch.

Austin was a great model and willing accomplice for our ideas. It didn't hurt that he looked like he ran five points that afternoon in his murdered out three piece. We had a blast that day seeing the looks come to life, he truly was a pleasure to work with. 

Raleigh Mens Clothing Personal Styling-6375.jpg

Move over world's most interesting man, Austin Snyder is coming for your title!

Classic accessories, like a pocket watch, could make this more formal if you so choose.

Removing the vest changes this up a bit, not quite as formal. Having a suit properly tailored is incredibly important. This suit was expertly fitted by Glenwood South Tailors. 

Time for a versatile date night look, dressed up for dinner, dressed down for drinks.  Here are these sweet bottle cap cufflinks in the wild. You can rock your favorite brew and style at the same time.

Not only are these watches clean and responsibly made, they are affordable too. Lux Woods Wood Watches are the future of time pieces for the environmentally conscience man.

Huge thanks to my wife with Nine19 Photography for the awesome photos and Austin for dressing sharp for this epic session. Austin runs his own business, Osprey Small Business Consulting, that provides financial insights to help small businesses reach new heights. His wife, Kassy, is an extremely talented freelance artist! We had so much fun with Austin and look forward to working with him again.

Justin is the Founder and Editor at Large for Rooted, A Gentlemen's Blog. He grew up in Illinois as a military brat but has made Raleigh his home for the last decade. These experiences influence his views expressed on The Gentlemen's Blog. He enjoys sports, politics, music, entertainment, and humor. For Justin, nothing is off limits. He loves to spend his free time with his wife and his pup, Bruce.