The Los Angeles Rams upended the Seahawks in Seattle last Sunday. They pushed them around, ran the ball down their throat, tore through their lines on offense and defense, and just generally outclassed the former Super Bowl champs. The Seahawks used to do that to the Packers and other teams, now their time has come. Will they bounce back and make the playoffs or is this the end of an era? Time will tell and I usually bet on Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll to figure it out. Maybe they have sustained too many injuries this season to overcome.

  The Rams have held their own this season in big time conference matchups, which is a great indicator of their playoff performance. They've played well on the road and against the best in the conference even in losses, this team is poised for a potentially deep playoff run. Especially considering the injury to Carson Wentz and I'd put money on the Rams welcoming a rematch with the Vikings and Case Keenum. This year has been full of surprises and a ton of fun to watch all the young teams come from nowhere to compete for division titles and playoff spots.

Chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribune

  It's really been a joy to watch this season. That's why I continue to watch football despite the socially conscious moral conflicts I wrestle with at the start of every year. This debates this year have strengthened my resolve as a football fan and have made me realize I don't want to live in a world without football even if that means somewhat condoning head trauma for entertainment. I'm a pro wrestling fan, would you expect anything less? Now onto the picks!

Week 16 Picks  

Justin (2017 Season)

  • Outright - (134-88)                                             Week 16 - (10-3)
  • Spread -   (95-105-7)                                                              (8-5)
  • Over/Under - (91-102-2)                                                       (N/A)

Saturday, Dec. 23

4:30 p.m. ET

  • Indianapolis Colts at Baltimore Ravens (-12.5)

8:30 p.m. ET

  • Minnesota Vikings (no line) at Green Bay Packers

Sunday, Dec. 24

1:00 p.m. ET

  • Cleveland Browns at Chicago Bears (-7)
  • Detroit Lions (-3) at Cincinnati Bengals
  • Los Angeles Rams (-6.5) at Tennessee Titans
  • Miami Dolphins at Kansas City Chiefs (O) (-10)
  • Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots (O) (-10.5)
  • Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints (-5)
  • Los Angeles Chargers (O) (-7.5) at New York Jets
  • Denver Broncos at Washington Redskins (-4.5)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers (O) (-9.5)

4:05 p.m. ET

  • Jacksonville Jaguars (-5.5) at San Francisco 49ers

4:25 p.m. ET

  • Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys (-3)
  • New York Giants at Arizona Cardinals (-5)

Monday, Dec. 25

4:30 p.m. ET

  • Pittsburgh Steelers (-10) at Houston Texans

8:30 p.m. ET

  • Oakland Raiders at Philadelphia Eagles (-8)
EA Sports

EA Sports

2017 Season Predictions (UPDATED)

Division Winners/Playoff Teams

AFC Championship - Pittsburgh Steelers(30-27) vs New England Patriots  

AFC East - New England Patriots (12-4)

AFC South - Jacksonville Jaguars (11-5)

AFC North - Pittsburgh Steelers (12-4)

AFC West - Kansas City Chiefs (10-6)

AFC Wild Card 1 - Tennessee Titans (10-6)

AFC Wild Card 2 - Oakland Raiders (9-7)

NFC Championship - Seattle Seahawks(27-20) vs Philadelphia Eagles

NFC East - Philadelphia Eagles (13-3)

NFC South - New Orleans Saints (12-4)

NFC North - Minnesota Vikings (10-6)

NFC West - Seattle Seahawks (11-5) 

NFC Wild Card 1 -  Los Angeles Rams (10-6)

NFC Wild Card 2 - Chicago Bears (8-8)

Super Bowl LII - February 4th, 2018

Super Bowl 52

Seattle Seahawks(37-34 OT) vs. Pittsburgh Steelers


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