Wrestlemania 34 You Pick'em: Results- Kimberly A. Rhoades- Raleigh NC
WWE/Wrestlemania 34

WWE/Wrestlemania 34

This year we had a record 18 submissions to the Wrestlemania 34 You Pick'em! The results are in and man has it taken me all day to figure out the winner, haha! If you tied with someone, please know that your ranking is based off of creativity with name and/or finisher! No one guessed the correct number of Super Kicks (several of us were very very close) which was worth 34 points. I also feel it's important to note that a couple of you picked 4 minutes for Triple H and Stephanie's entrance, I clocked it at 3:48.94, so you were SO close, but 3 minutes is technically the correct answer. If you see any mistakes (I mean, I am human) please let me know WITH PROOF and I will adjust accordingly, if I feel up to it! GOOD LUCK! See the answers below:

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 3.26.34 PM.png

The full number of points one could win for a perfect ticket was 158... 

Bottom 8

#18- Kevin "The Flying Dutchman" Hardin-The Upper Decker (30 pts)

#17- Isiah "Big Hurshey" Franklin-Chocolate Drop (Shooting Star Press) (33 pts)

#16- Ryan "Drewes Abides" Drewes- The White Russian (35 pts) *Former You Pick'em Champ*

#15- Trish "Ultimate TDog" Miller- Lethal Curb Stomp Punch (36 pts)

#14- Liria "Petty Lilo" Franklin- Petty Lock (38 pts)

#13- Jim "The Bookie" Stuart- The Kneecapper (39 pts)

#12- Dustin "Waylon Frye" Frye- DDT (45 pts)

#11- The Nacho Man Heath Brown- The Dilly Dilly (45 pts)

Top 8

#10- Rick "The Priest" Wise- Crucifix Powerbomb (48 pts)

#9- Kimberly "Kimbo Slice" Rhoades- The Lady-D-T (49 pts)

#8- Decarius "Bart Thomas" Kanyinda- The Heavy Dose (50 pts)

#7- Emily "The Silver Darling" Bruner- Silver Smash (50 pts)

#6- Angel "Punisher Ventura" Varela- The Super Falcon Arrow (50 pts)

#5- Samantha "Lady Zai" Zayas- Spear (51 pts)

#4- David Michael "Dick Ballistic" Cone- Ballistic Dick Punch (51 pts)

#3- Tevin "Justice Jones" Jones- Law & Order (55 pts)

Top 2

::Ding Ding Ding:: Here it is, the moment you have all been waiting for! The American Dream Justy Rhodes just hit Paco 127 with American Dreamin' (GTS, Pop-up variation) Paco 127 is dazed, Justy Rhodes taunts to the crowd, his back to Paco 127. Does he know that Paco is back up on his feet? The American Dream turns around, Paco tries to hit him with a super kick, Justy Rhodes counters, catching Paco's leg, spins him around and picks him up for the American Dreamin' (GTS, Electric Chair variation). THIS IS A REAL SLOBBER KNOCKER! Justy Rhodes pins Paco, Lil Naitch slides in for the 3 count! 1! 2! tthhrrr OMG PACO 127 kicks out! The American Dream Justy Rhodes can't believe it. He's yelling "That was 3! THAT WAS THREE!" What does Justy have to do to win this match?! He goes to the corner and stomps his foot, taunting his opponent. Paco gets up and turns around to charge at Justy. The American Dream tries to dodge him and before he can get out of the way, Paco Got'em! Paco 127 gets hits him with the Paco Got'em OUT OF NOWHERE! Paco 127 pins The American Dream Justy Rhodes...1...2...3 OMG WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION! Paco 127 is our new You Pick'em Champion! 

#2- Justin "The American Dream Justy Rhodes" Rhoades- American Dreamin' (GTS, variations include Pop-up and Electric Chair) (59 pts)

#1- Alex "Paco 127" Diaz- Paco Got'em (65 pts)

Congrats Alex, you have a shirt coming your way!

Thanks for playing, see you at Summer Slam, when Paco 127 will defend his title!

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