Alton Lane Tailored Apparel Grand Opening- Justin Rhoades- Cameron Village Raleigh NC

If you remember our blog post about the amazing Alton Lane custom tailored apparel from a few months ago, you remember how awesome this company is. They visited Raleigh in their mobile showroom built in an Airstream and used their proprietary system to create a 3D model of my body. Sarah then measured for the perfect tailored bespoke suit. 

We had such a great time, that we decided to head out to their new store front in Cameron Village, one of Raleigh's premier shopping centers. This showroom did not disappoint. From the hidden backroom and hand rolled cigars to the Old Fashioned cocktails, thanks to Elijah Craig Bourbon, this night was everything we expected from Alton Lane. 

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The showroom also featured a pool table, a nice seating area, and featured for the grand opening, a cigar roller and bartender.  

They offered an open bar featuring Elijah Craig Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Old Fashioneds were served perfectly over ice with, as tradition dictates, a orange peel. 

The Alton Lane showroom in Cameron Village features a hidden room complete with a fitting room, poker table, and a rolling bar. This would be a fantastic venue for an event during a bachelor's party or just getting a few guys together to get fitted for new suits, whatever the occasion. 

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Not only do they hand measure, they use this epic machine to 3D measure your body as a backup. This is a first for premium menswear brands, the scanner takes up to 300 measurements of a person’s body in just under 30 seconds, allowing for a precise technical custom fit.

It was great meeting with Joel who is apart of their creative team and Colin, one of the founders of Alton Lane. Hearing the story of the company, and the vision for Alton Lane was quite captivating. We are really excited to see what the future holds for Alton Lane and look forward continuing this relationship. The Raleigh location is the 14th for the company.

This is a stellar company made for men who appreciate fine products. If you haven't visited the new location, get out to Cameron Village and check it out. This place is phenomenal and I look forward to owning one of these amazing suits. 

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