Survivor Series 2017: Bold Predictions- Bryce Pauley- Houston TX

Daniel Bryan returns to the ring:

WWE/Monday Night RAW

WWE/Monday Night RAW

This may be wishful thinking, but hear me out. Daniel Bryan’s desire to return to the ring is evident, from his talking smack rants to his Total Divas tirades, Daniel Bryan wants to return to the ring. With his contract with WWE set to end in less than 1 year, expect Bryan to push for a return to the ring even if it is as a part-timer. Would the WWE really risk Daniel Bryan exiting the WWE and making his return in ring that isn’t WWE owned?

Yes Gif.gif

Based on the current story line leading into survivor series, Daniel Bryan was injured by Kane. Once he announced his retirement, he became a hands-off performer for WWE. Bryan made a surprise appearance at Monday Night Raw to apologize for the siege from Smackdown Live. For his efforts, he left on a stretcher.

That following Tuesday on Smackdown, Shane McMahon reminded us all of the challenges facing Smackdown once the brand split occurred. As Shane began to announce some of their participants for the Smackdon Live Survivor Series team, he mentioned that he was the captain of their team “as of right now.”

Based on the storyline between Shane McMahon, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, it doesn’t look like that will be finished anytime soon. With Owens and Zayn out of the mix for Survivor Series, I fully expect them to become involved with the traditional Survivor Series match. But how does that impact a Daniel Bryan return?

If Owens and Zayn continue to show frustration with the best opportunities from the “land of opportunity” going to Shane McMahon, they may very well seek to take away his opportunity. If that is the case, that would leave an opening on the Smackdown Live team. With Bryan being taken out on a stretcher, that should provide more than enough reason for him to make a return to the ring to lead Smackdown Live. Similar to Kurt Angle inserting himself into the TLC match in place of Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan could look to do the same at Survivor Series with the absence of Shane McMahon.

Carmella cashes in Money in the Bank:

WWE/Smackdown Live

WWE/Smackdown Live

Given how the WWE has set the card for their pay-per-views lately, I fully expect the Women’s Survivor Series match to open the show, with the men’s Survivor Series match closing the show. This would give the Ms. Money in the Bank Carmella plenty of time to sit back and stalk her prey, Charlotte.

... Carmella .gifs are lacking, sorry guys!

... Carmella .gifs are lacking, sorry guys!

If WWE does decide to go through with this, it is crucial for them to keep the balance between the women’s division for Raw and Smackdown. Smackdown’s women should win their traditional 5 on 5 elimination, and then have Alexa Bliss defeat Natalya.

Bliss displayed a new finisher in her victory over Mickie James on Raw that looked very similar to the Big Show’s knockout punch. If WWE is going with that as a new finisher for Bliss, what better way to get that finisher over than to have her defend Raw’s honor and for that move to leave Charlotte so dazed she can’t defend herself on the cash-in by Carmella.

On Smackdown, Natalya talked about the women’s team having a weak link. How ironic would it be if Carmella is the first person eliminated from the 5 on 5 Survivor Series match and later the same night, that perceived “weak-link” goes on to win her first women’s championship.

By also doing this, this sets up a rematch between Carmella and Charlotte for the next Smackdown pay-per-view, Clash of Champions. That pay-per-view is set to take place on December 17, which should provide about four weeks to build up a rematch between the two.

By having Carmella cash in, this can give Smackdowns women’s division a clear cut championship match heading into Clash of Champions and also give them the opportunity to create new rivalries and hopefully a new opponent for the women’s championship match at the Royal Rumble.

Paige Returns:



With Charlotte winning her first Smackdown Women’s championship on Smackdown, that left a vacancy on the Smackdown women’s team. WWE felt the need to not focus on this vacancy on Smackdown and I’m guessing they are going to use this as an opportunity to for a big return.

Back when the initial brand split occurred, Paige was drafted by Raw. Due to an injury, she has not appeared on Raw yet. Paige has been gone from the WWE for over a year. What better place for her to make her return than Survivor Series.

Paige .gif

If Smackdown’s womens team is going to win their match, what better way to put Paige back in the spotlight by having her win that match? This will immediately give Paige some momentum, which will hopefully carry into Wrestlemania, but more importantly add more star power to the Smackdown women’s division. With Nikki Bella mostly likely being retired and Lana not being ready to fill those shoes, Paige can step in and provide a great face or a much needed heel for the women of Smackdown.

With a Paige return, this can spark new feuds and rekindle old ones. She would provide a much needed spark to Smackdown’s womens division and also an added surprise to Survivor Series.

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