4th & Inches College Football Week 12- Austin Snyder- Raleigh NC

Well damn. We had all bought into Georgia’s infallibility. And then Auburn came along and ruined it. Jerks. Us, not Auburn.

And Miami rolling over Notre Dame?! Last week was just a fun week of football. This week, however, feels like a time warp. Looking at these matchups you might think it was week 1! But rain or shine, they still play, and we still pick. And speaking of picks…

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Neck and neck between Clackers and Gumpa. Who will end up finishing second? My money's on Gumpa. Clackers always finishes first. Heyo! Let’s go!


1st & 10: Matchups for Top 10 Teams

1 Alabama vs Mercer - November 18, 12:00 PM ET


Austin: Oh, looks like Bama wants to eat their dessert before Thanksgiving dinner.

Final Pick: Alabama

Clackers: Hate how teams do this late season bullshit match up “to prepare” for their final game of the season, typically a rivalry.

Final Pick: Alabama

Gumpa: Don’t sleep on Merc… I can’t even get all the way through typing that joke. Bama taking that cream puff game late in the season as a tune up for the Iron Bowl and playoffs. Classic.

Final Pick: Alabama

2 Clemson vs The Citadel - November 18, at 12:20 PM ET


Austin: What is this, week 1?

Final Pick: Clemson

Clackers: See above, Clemson pulling the same crap Bama does.

Final Pick: Clemson

Gumpa: Another late season tune up. At least this one is an in-state ‘rivalry’?

Final Pick: Clemson

3 Miami vs Virginia - November 18, 12:00 PM ET


Austin: Clackers said it a few weeks ago, but the Turnover Chain is the best thing to happen to college football in a long time. The Canes have been a real surprise this year and are looking stronger as the season progresses. Cavs have their hands full in this one.

Final Pick: Miami

Clackers: Miami is legit, the turnover chain is fantastic, and this should be an easy game for a team that is shocking the nation.

Final Pick: Miami

Gumpa: Even most of the national pundits didn’t think Miami was legit. Who can blame three amateurs like us for not believing it? Hell, I still wasn’t sure after they beat Tech. Then they mollywhopped Notre Dame last week. The U is back.

Final Pick: Miami

4 Oklahoma at Kansas - November 18, 3:30 PM ET


Austin: #BakerforPresident

Final Pick: Oklahoma

Clackers: I never seen a school with such a great basketball program and a shit football team quite like Kansas. Baker will continue to solidify his spot atop the Heisman rankings.

Final Pick: Oklahoma

Gumpa: Baker Mayfield, Heisman winner and first overall pick to the Browns. Probably just going to throw up like 586 yards passing, 36 rushing, throw for 4 TDs and run one in. And then sit the 4th quarter. Oklahoma v. Clemson. You heard it here first.

Final Pick: Baker Mayfield

5 Wisconsin vs 24 Michigan - November 18, 12:00 PM ET


Austin: #fucktheBig10

Final Pick: Michigan

Clackers: #fucktheBig10 - but in all seriousness, this is the toughest game Wisconsin has had all year and I do think they will lose.

Final Pick: Michigan

Gumpa: Wisconsin is in a game they will actually have to perform well in? This is a first this year. They are still a quality football team, don’t get me wrong, you can’t be undefeated this deep into the season without being good, regardless of schedule, but they aren’t one of the best five teams in the country. I am gonna go against the grain on this one and say they pull this one out. Oh, I almost forgot #fucktheBig10

Final Pick: Wisconsin

6 Auburn vs Louisiana-Monroe - November 18, 12:00 PM ET

Louisiana Monroe.png


Final Pick: Auburn

Clackers: Yawn at these crappy late season matchups for top tier teams.

Final Pick: Auburn

Gumpa: Looks like Auburn also wants a scrimmage before the Iron Bowl...

Final Pick: War Eagle

7 Georgia vs Kentucky - November 18, 3:30 PM ET


Austin: I… I can’t believe it. Not like that. It wasn’t supposed to go like that. Auburn came with the THUNDER. I almost feel bad for Kentucky. Dawgs might murder somebody.

Final Pick: Georgia

Clackers: Still shocked at the Georgia loss last week, Auburn came to play and have been a strong team. Kentucky is not that and do not stand a chance in this game.

Final Pick: Georgia

Gumpa: I told you Auburn wasn’t a joke. They brought the heat. Kentucky is another team like Kansas, all bball, no fball.

Final Pick: Georgia

8 Notre Dame vs Navy - November 18, 3:30 PM ET

Notre Dame.png

Austin: A lot of people were calling me crazy for taking Miami over the Irish. Yea, I’m crazy - but I was also right. Happens a good bit. And as much as I would love for Navy to win this game, I don’t see it happening.

Final Pick: Notre Dame

Clackers: Notre Dame got absolutely slaughtered last week and I loved every second of it. Navy won a shootout against SMU and can put up some points but don’t see them being able to repeat that offensive performance against the Irish. Notre Dame has a chance to change their habit of falling apart late in the season or crumbling in big Bowl Games. I do think this team is resilient and will do their part to stay in the top 10.

Final Pick: Notre Dame

Gumpa: Notre Dame doesn’t have a defense and Navy went off last week. I still don’t see them losing this one though. Notre Dame will recover and finish in the top 10.

Final Pick: Notre Dame

9 Ohio State vs Illinois - November 18, 3:30 PM ET

Ohio State.jpeg

Austin: Clackers and I had some debate Saturday night about how the Top 10 would shake out after the surprises that day. I called the top four, in order, and told him Ohio State would be in the bottom of the top 10, ahead of the Oklahoma/TCU loser. Then Gumpa interjected with some nonsense in a drunken stupor, so it was a typical Saturday evening. This matchup will be typical for the Buckeyes as well.

Final Pick: Ohio State

Clackers: Sick and tired of Ohio State. How they hell are they ranked 9th? Yes, they beat MSU last week, but I don’t understand how they jumped TCU, another 2-loss team but lost to a top 5 team last week. BS favoritism for a shit team. Hate those pompous assholes that have to say “The” Ohio State, not to mention that baby BronBron is a “fan” too… spare me.

Final Pick: Illinois

Gumpa: Ohio State with the homer pick by the committee for a top 10 spot. Urban is legit the 2nd best coach in college, but this team isn’t that great. But they aren’t Illinois either.

Final Pick: Ohio State

10 Penn State vs Nebraska - November 18, 4:00 PM ET


Austin: You remember the days when this would have been contest? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

Final Pick: Penn State

Clackers: Seriously, the Big 10 again?

Final Pick: Penn State

Gumpa: Man, I hate this game. Penn State is going to steamroll Nebraska and it won’t even be fun to watch. #fucktheBig10

Final Pick: Penn State


2nd & 3: Sleeper Matchups

15 UCF at Temple - November 18th, 12:00 PM ET

Austin: I chose this matchup not because it is particularly interesting, but to highlight some absolute bullshit. I’ve been hating on Wisconsin all year for their soft ass schedule, yet they number 5 in the latest CFP rankings. Sure they are undefeated. So is UCF. Sure Wisconsin plays in a Power 5 conference. Yea, in the Big 10 East which is essentially a bum ass wasteland. Seriously, of the 7 teams in that division 4 are .500 or worse, and Iowa still has time to join them. Granted, the Knights are in the AAC East where 4 of the 6 are also .500 or worse, but UCF is 9-0 and USF is 9-1. It’s absolutely absurd to me that Wisconsin is ranked 5th while UCF is ranked 15th. Let this sink in. Wisconsin has played 1 ranked opponent. UCF will face their 2nd next week against USF. Wisconsin has played one more game, but their opponents are 59-62. Meanwhile, UCF’s combined opponents are 59-49. Take a look at the AAC and the Big 10 West and then explain to me why the Big 10 West is better. Big 10 East? Sure. I get it. But not the West. If you don’t think UCF, USF, Memphis, or Houston would take Purdue, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota or Nebraska to the shed… I… I just don’t know what to tell you. I think any of those 4 AAC teams could beat anyone on Wisconsin’s schedule. Including Wisconsin. #fucktheBig10 #moneyovertalent

Final Pick: UCF

Clackers: Rabble, rabble, rabble. UCF will win, they have no shot at the playoff but can snag a big bowl game.

Final Pick: UCF

Gumpa: Austin picked this game late as shit and offered to let him mail in my pick. I said no, I have more gumption than that. I wish I just got drunker and took him up on his proposal instead of writing this. To be fair, it is Friday night and I’m like 7 shots of ‘schalger and 4 beers deep, but I get why he wanted to do this just to rip Wisconsin. And #fucktheBig10 and all of that, but seriously? UCF and Wisconsin both have no shot at the playoff and neither of them should.

Final Pick: UCF

Florida International at Florida Atlantic - November 18th, 7:00 PM ET

Austin: I bet Lane Kiffin is ripping lines of coke off a sophomore’s ass no less than 20 minutes before kickoff. I’m not mad, I’m just jealous.

Final Pick: FAU

Clackers: Guarantee that both of these coaches will not be at their respective schools next year. All other games this week are hot garbage, and this will be a fun game to watch - two small programs that have had good years.

Final Pick: FAU

Gumpa: I actually kind of like this pick. I disagree that neither coach will be there next year though. I think Lane Kiffin will still be at FAU for a couple of years, but won’t be surprised if Butch moves on.

Final Pick: FAU

11 USC vs UCLA - November 18, at 8:00 PM ET

Austin: USC already locked up their trip to the Pac-12 title and even winning that won’t back them into the playoffs. Basically… who the hell cares?

Final Pick: USC

Clackers: I am sick and tired of the Pac-12 almost as much as I am with the Big 10. Good match up with arguably the first two QB’s to be drafted this year.

Final Pick: USC

Gumpa: Two great QBs on two mediocre teams. This is going to be a back and forth game with USC being the better overall team and pulling it out at the end. Josh Rosen can only do so much.

Final Pick: Condoms ftw


3rd & Long: Goin’ for broke

Florida State vs Delaware State - November 18, 12:00 PM ET

Austin: FSU had Clemson fans pretty nervous well into the 4th quarter, but a pair of quick TD’s and no one remembers that. Not often that a cupcake game means much, but these last three games are life and death for FSU’s bowl chances.

Final Pick: Fear the Spear

Clackers: Blind leading the blind in this game.

Final Pick: Florida State

Gumpa: Wow. What an up and down week for matchups. This will be another snoozefest. Florida State will find a way to win against an inferior opponent, but I won’t be shocked if it’s close.

Final Pick: FSU

Virginia Tech vs Pitt - November 18, 12:20 PM ET

Austin: Pitt ain’t got shit for VT. Unless VT folds up like they did last week against the ol’ wing T.

Final Pick: VT

Clackers: Pittsburgh is just not good, although Tech dropped a rough one against Georgia Tech last week. But just don’t see a way the Panthers can win this one.

Final Pick: Virginia Tech

Gumpa: Georgia Tech isn’t a bad football team. But Tech shouldn’t have lost that one. I think it was just a hangover from that emotional Miami loss. Look for them to bounce back in this one against a bad Pitt team.

Final Pick: Virginia Tech

19 NC State at Wake Forest - November 18, 7:30 PM ET

Austin: There have been quite a few surprises in the ACC this year. FSU being terrible. Miami’s dominance. Virginia having a winning record. Louisville’s collapse in conference play. Syracuse stunning Clemson. And then these two teams. NC State has been quite impressive, and arguably should be 9-1. They certainly have the talent to be 10-0. On the other side of the matchup, Wake has had a decent season as well. Should be a pretty close game, but I think State manages to get the job done against the Deacs this week.

Final Pick: GO PACK!

Clackers: State tried their best to blow it last week against BC. I still stand by my statement that we will go 1-2 in our final 3 games - it’s just what we do. This will be a close one, but State will blow it late on the road.

Final Pick: Wake Forest

Gumpa: I’ve got a running bet, and with State doing better than I expected this season I need them to lose these last two games if I’m gonna make my money. State historically doesn’t play well at Wake, losing eight out of their last ten in Winston-Salem.

Final Pick: Wake Forest


Not the best week of matchups and not a lot of stakes riding in most of these games. There’s still fun to be had though, and it’s not like you need a better reason than football to spend the afternoon crushing diesels with the boys (or girls; do you, booboo!) [bullshit, Austin, Saturdays are for the boys]. That’s it for us this week, but we’ll be back next week to bring you all the best matchups to pair with binging two-day old Thanksgiving leftovers. Gotta wash the foul taste of having to watch the Lions, Chargers and Giants out somehow. Oof.


Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Austin considers himself an adopted Raleigh native, having lived here for almost fifteen years. A graduate of the NC State Poole College of Management he currently works in finance for a Raleigh-based contract research organization. In his spare time he can be found at the gym learning Gracie Jiu Jitsu, or working on his startup, Osprey Small Business Consulting. He also enjoys traveling and trying new, local eateries with his wife, Kassy.