My Initial Thoughts on Google Fiber - Justin Rhoades - Raleigh, NC

My Initial Thoughts on Google Fiber - Justin Rhoades - Raleigh, NC

   The wait is finally over and Google Fiber has come to the Triangle!! After patiently waiting for almost a year since they initially broke ground in my neighborhood, it's finally here! I am a month in of having the service and I'm pretty impressed so far. I couldn't be happier to be rid of Time Warner Cable or Spectrum as they are currently calling themselves. Either way, the customer service, cost, internet speeds, reliability, and overall satisfaction of Spectrum (TWC) were subpar to say the least. For YEARS they have been the only game in town, as a fan of the true free market, not one propped up by government subsidies (I'm looking at you Big Oil), competition is a great thing. The mere mention of Google Fiber in the area made Spectrum (TWC) step up their game when it came to speeds. Which begs the question, Why didn't they do it sooner?

   So far the best thing I can say about Google Fiber is that I haven't really thought about it. With Spectrum (TWC), I would have to either switch wifi networks or reset the modem altogether on a near daily basis. They were working on things for years and they just never seemed to get much better or more reliable. I felt that I always had to call and bug them to get the best price or newest promo, this isn't unique to Spectrum though, it's industry standard. It's no wonder they are the lowest rated industry when it comes to customer service. However, with Google Fiber, I just don't think about it. It just works all the time and the prices are set, no haggling and no contracts. 

   With Kim working from home and uploading pictures on the regular to both of our sites and client albums, this has been a godsend. She laughed out loud when she first used it to upload files. The upload speed was LITERALLY 80 times faster! 80 TIMES FASTER! And that wasn't even the fastest upload speeds we've seen, that was pretty ho-hum, run of the mill speeds for us. But overall, a month into this experiment we are very pleased. I don't see us going to any other service any time soon, which is the point. Provide a good product for a fair price and customers will remain loyal. It's not rocket science.

  So in summation, I am ecstatic Google Fiber came to Raleigh and we are able to sign up for their service. I hope everybody else can sign up for themselves soon enough and maybe even Spectrum and AT&T will step their games up and provide a competitive product. After all, competition is a great thing! Also, I feel the need to point out that this review is not paid for in the slightest. I wish it was, I could always use the money, but not this time. I will definitely continue to recommend Google Fiber for anybody able to get the service. 

Justin is the Founder and Editor at Large for Rooted, A Gentlemen's Blog. He grew up in Illinois as a military brat but has made Raleigh his home for the last decade. These experiences influence his views expressed on The Gentlemen's Blog. He enjoys sports, politics, music, entertainment, and humor. For Justin, nothing is off limits. He loves to spend his free time with his wife and his pup, Bruce.